Dreams are better than reality

     That moment when you wake up, and you realize that it was only just a dream. The feeling you get when you open your eyes and you wish you didn’t wake up. That kind of dream you wish could be true.

     My dream was about him. The man I pushed away because I was insecure and selfish, because I thought he deserves someone better than me. I loved him, I really do. And I regret letting him go. It’s been 2 years but everytime I think about him, I keep wishing he’s still with me. That we’re still together and I’m supposed to be happier. I just can’t stop wishing for something impossible.

     So last night.. in my dream.. he came back. He came back and he told me that he still loves me and he wants us back. And we’re crying.. and we kissed.. like a movie scene. Then I woke up. I wish I never did. ‘Cause in my dreams we can be together. ‘Cause that dream is better than any other dream I’ve ever had, which made me believe that dreams are better than reality.

I know it shouldn’t be like this. I need to stop thinking and feeling this way.
Wake up. Move on. 

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